Introducing Magic Magpie Studio’s First e-book!

“The Magic Magpie’s Favorite Designs”, featuring 20 of Antoinette’s top selling designs from festivals and parties.

These Easy/Moderate designs are sure to be crowd pleasers! They’re my most popular designs that I created on the fly at parties, festivals, and in my shop. They’re so popular, I’ve named them all!

Each non symmetrical hand design comes with a small “reverse” copy in the corner, so it’s easier to translate the design to the opposite hand. Most of the hand designs are easy to translate into ankle designs as well!

There’s also two pages of small designs that fit anywhere on the body. Simple and straightforward, these are quick and easy designs repeatedly proven to be best-sellers.

$5.00 for a downloadable PDF. 16 pages.

Link will re-direct to Paypal E-book will expire after 3 downloads or 3 days.

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Copyright 2014 Antoinette Hippe. All Rights Reserved. Designs in this book are to be used for henna body art only. No special permission is necessary if used to create hand-drawn ephemeral designs. Prints of this book in its entirety for inspiration is encouraged, up to 3 copies. Additional copies can be granted by written permission of the copyright holder. Reproduction and resale of any content in this book is strictly prohibited. Designs within cannot be used for items of mass production. Content may not be resold, traded, bartered, lended, given, photographed or transferred (electronically or otherwise).